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Library is open to all Members

In order to check out an item, just contact the owner and make arrangements.

Anyone wishing to donate items to the club library can contact one of our librarians:

Stephan Rice at zenic@alltel.net

Here is a list of items currently available and on hand.

(Donnie)Winning Chess Tactics- Y. Sierawan (book)

(Donnie)Winning Chess Brilliances- Y. Sierawan (book of games)

(Donnie)Pocketbook of Chess- R. Keene (beginners book)

(Donnie)Dirty Tricks #1- GM Nigel Davies (VHS)

(Donnie)Dirty Tricks #2- GM Nigel Davies (VHS)

(Donnie)Practical Inspiration- GM Daniel King (VHS/Plan ahead)

(Donnie)20-20 Calculation- GM Daniel King (VHS/Home in on what's crucial)

(Randy Grove)Chess cd -- TASC

(Randy Grove)Book -- Sicilian Kan by John Emms

(Randy Grove)Book -- The Magic of Mikhail Tal by Joe Gallagher

(Randy Grove)Book -- Tony Miles: 'It's Only Me'by Geoff Lawton

(Randy Grove)Book - How to Win in the Chess Openings by I.A. Horowitz

(Steve)Chess book -- Basic Chess Endings by Reuben Fine .