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Last updated 10/17/10

Josh Pruitt wins 1st place in National C class Championship

Josh Pruitt, brought home to Arkansas the prestigious title of National C class Champion in this years class championships held in Texas. Josh said he knew going into the final round that he was going to win it, whether it was confidence, a clairvoyant feeling, or just plain skill, Josh was right. The final win capped an incredible experience that included dining with masters. All local players be on guard when playing Arkansas's first National C class player, Josh Pruitt.
Check out pictures of the event by clicking here.

The Searcy Knightlife Chess Club has a website library to promote the sharing of chess materials among its members. Club librarians are Steve Rice, Randy Grove and Donnie Cox Club members who have chess materials such as books, videos, software, etc. that they are willing to share shall submit, via e-mail to a club librarian, a list of each item that they wish to make available through the library. The list shall include the title, author, and a brief description. The club librarian shall post on the club’s website a composite list which includes the item’s title, author, description, owner, and owner’s contact information. Members who wish to borrow an item from the library shall contact the owner directly. Arrangements for the loan of all materials are to be agreed upon between owner and borrower. Neither the club nor librarians shall have any responsibility for the terms of the borrowing, failures to return borrowed materials, or for any damage to any returned materials. Club members may remove or add items to the library at any time by e-mailing the club librarian. Materials owned by the club shall be kept and supervised by Randy Grove.

If anyone has something news worthy for the website please email it for review and posting.

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